It's easy to be a smart energy user

Innovations in energy are happening everywhere. We’re doing our part to help you jump in and get started.

Electric vehicles

Driving an electric vehicle (EV) can lower direct emissions and save you money. Buy an electric vehicle and get up $500. Learn more about EV incentives and benefits.

Wind and solar power

Interested in supporting renewable energy?? Check out our Second Nature? program.

More than 2,200 homes have already had their wind or solar energy generation facilities connected to the power grid. You could do it too!

LED lighting

In Iowa, we offer instant rebates?to switch from older-style incandescent bulbs to more efficient LED bulbs.

We’re replacing traditional streetlights with money-saving LED streetlights in the communities we serve.

Online services

You can quickly and easily report electric outages?online or with your smart phone.

Pay your bill anywhere and anytime with My Account, our web self-service tool.

View your energy use online and sign up for convenient payment options.

A clean energy future

How are we going to get there? With a strong strategy that includes renewable and highly efficient energy sources.

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Powering beyond in your community

Every day, Alliant Energy and our employees give back to the communities we are privileged to serve.

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