Account Alerts are a quick way to manage and keep current on your account, as well as stay informed about any power outages in your area.

Sign up to receive text or email alerts for:

  • Power outage notifications and restoration information
  • Notification that your paperless bill is ready to be viewed in My Account
  • Bill due date and past due reminders
  • Confirmation that your payment was submitted and processed

Frequently asked questions

How do the outage alerts work?

We will send you a notification if there is a reported or detected outage affecting your area. The messages will include estimated restoration time and the cause of the outage. We’ll send updates as the outage is worked on and then restored.

How many contacts can I associate with my Alliant Energy account?

We recommend no more than five; however, the system allows you to have as many as you need.

Can I use the same phone number or email address on more than one Alliant Energy account?

Yes, you may register for text or email alerts on multiple accounts with the same contact information (phone number or email address).

How do I delete a contact?

A text alert contact can be deleted by using your text-enabled cell phone. Send STOP to 255255.

A text or email contact can be deleted by going to the Accounts Alerts page within and clicking on the alert icon – conversation cloud (text) or envelope (email). The Contact Details dialog box opens.

Click on the trash can icon to delete the contact.

How do I edit a contact?

You cannot edit or change a contact phone number or email address. If you have a new phone number or email address, delete the old contact and register the new one.

From the Account Alerts page in My Account, click on the alert icon – conversation cloud (text) or envelope (email). The Contact Details dialog box opens.

Click on the blue icon to edit the nickname or modify your Do Not Disturb settings.

I made changes but they are not saved.

You must always click the “Save Changes” button, located at the bottom of the page, each time you make a change to your alert options, or they will not be saved.

What type of messages can I receive?

TEXT Email automated phone call
Outage updates
Power outage notifications, estimated restoration times and power restoration messages.
Paperless Billing

Notification that your bill is ready to be viewed in My Account.

Payment reminders

Due date reminder, past due reminder.

?X X
Payment status

Your payment was submitted and processed.



Is there a cost associated with text message alerts?

Alerts are offered at no charge by Alliant Energy. Your mobile carrier or service provider may bill you for text messages received and sent. Message frequency can vary depending on the number of outages, if you are signed up for outage alerts.

Alliant Energy is not responsible for these charges. Before using?Account Alerts, check with your mobile carrier or service provider for text messaging costs and plans. Please see the Terms of Use for more information.

Which carriers or text service providers support the Alliant Energy text message service?

Please see the current list of service providers in the Terms of Use.

What happens to my alerts if I change my phone number or email address?

To avoid missing any of the Account Alert messages, update your contacts on the?Account Alerts web page with your new information. (Delete the old contact and register the new one.)

If, for some reason, you forget to do this, any alerts returned to Alliant Energy will be deleted, and the contact will be deleted from the?Account Alerts system.

What if I have questions about Account Alerts?

If you’re registered for text alerts, you can send HELP to 255255 for a list of available text commands. If you have additional questions, please call 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268) and say “Help with Alerts." We are available 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.?